13.01.2023 12th Stage : Shaybah > Haradh Marathon

We will have very little information on this stage, the network is very bad in this part.

The navigation special was quite complicated, they moved a lot in the middle of camel grass.


The tracks were very fast in the regularity events, which was very nice and they easily pulled up cars during the event.

The Buggy always behaves very well, no mechanical problems to report. Fred had a great feeling on this stage.

On the Logistic Rally stand, which carries all of Fred & Mag’s stuff

They arrived quite early at the bivouac, the same as during the marathon event, they took the opportunity to take a good shower and a nap of almost 2 hours.

Time for the weather to change… The rain is back and Fred is going to do his mechanics under the humidity !

They had indeed a problem with the Tripy (which records their passage points of the day) which explains why we had no follow-up.

They finish their stage in 30th position, which brings them up to 39th place overall, out of 82 crews still racing!

janvier 14, 2023

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