01.01.2023 – 1st stage Yunbu > Yunbu

Here we go for the passage of the podium, then a stage of 341 kms! The foxes are all fired up, a little stressed but so happy to be on this podium after 18 months of intensive work…

This 1st stage is very stony, but it will have allowed to test the Buggy and to realize that it is effective and especially cut for that. The mechanics follow and Magali is at ease with the navigation.

Let’s take advantage of this first stage to explain the « rules » of the Classic a little more.

They evolve on a separate track. Their category, concerning the oldest vehicles, are not obliged to cross certain dunes which could be too difficult and prejudicial for the continuation.

They have navigation and regularity tests. And in the latter, they work the old fashioned way, with just a stopwatch to keep track.

In the evening, it is mechanical, almost like the trunks, in the old way and almost alone. Almost, because Frédéric is helped by Mag, but also by the mechanics and other competitors, notably from the Logistic Team which accompanies several vehicles in the Classic. The mutual aid of the Dakar!

This evening of the 1st stage, it is cleaning and dusting! Then optimization of the storage because tomorrow morning the bivouac moves…

This also means getting up a little earlier to put away the tent and the last things!

janvier 1, 2023

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