07.01.2023 7th Stage Riyad > Al Duwadimi

With the last minute changes, the stages 7 and 8 are reversed from the original route and these 2 stages will be a so-called « marathon » stage. That is to say that tonight, at the bivouac, the vehicles are put in closed parks, without any possibility to do any mechanical work on them. In addition, the drivers will sleep in tents or in the big tent provided by the organization.

The sun is back, the day goes very well for our amateurs, with very fast regularity passages but also very pleasant because not very breakable for the vehicle. It sometimes hits the front, which means that the shocks go down low, but the strakit holds the shock!

photo FOTOP

They manage to rest during the calm moments. Fred before a regularity start, Magali between 2.

Being back in the sun and on nice trails makes them feel very comfortable on this stage. Too much? Magali forgets to start the stopwatch during one of the regularity, which means that they will do maths during all this one, to be in the imposed times! Fortunately, they have a little memo to define the distance covered in X time at X km/h to help them.

In the evening, in the liaison which is short (80kms), they make the first test of dune with the Buggy, which accomodates it very well!

The cold falls quickly as soon as the sun sets. It is time to join the bivouac for a night in community, but warm! What finally will allow them to spend a better night than the last ones.

photo FOTOP

Fred can’t do any mechanical work, but he takes the time to remove the mud accumulated on the wheels, which causes vibrations in the steering wheel.

Tonight, the foxes fall asleep surrounded by other amateurs, but also by top pilots. Let’s hope that the snoring concert is not too important!

janvier 8, 2023

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