Frédéric Barlerin and Magali Barlerin Simonot (EN)


y name is Frédéric Barlerin, I was born on 3 June 1980 and I live in Bussy le Grand, in the north of the Côte d’Or. Professionally, I am in charge of a maintenance department for SNCF. I have built my family with Magali, my wife and we have 2 children: Cloé 12 years old and Axel 7 years old. I am passionate about adventure, competition and above all about surpassing myself.

Since I was 7 years old, I have acquired a taste for effort by practicing many sports. Attracted by competitions in natural environments, these create the main difficulty, well before the other competitors.

And this, in all the sports I practice, whether it is on a motorbike, a bicycle or on my two legs!

Moto – début en 2008

-Finisher Touquet 2020 : 641e sur 1005 arrivants

-Finisher Dakar 2020 : 91e

-Dakar 2019 : abandon sur casse moteur au 4e jour

-Finisher Africa Eco Race 2018


-Finisher enduro du Touquet 2015 (399ème sur 1000 participants)

-Vainqueur de l’enduro de Moirans Ligue 1 E3 2013

-Participation à 2 manches du championnat de France d’Enduro à Gié et Sancey.

-Champion de bourgogne Enduro Ligue 2 2011 – 1er sur 36 pilotes classés.

-4ème Championnat de bourgogne 2014 Ligue 1

-Participation à 37 enduros depuis 2008 – (1 seul abandon en 37 courses)

-4 participations à l’enduro top. 35ème sur 150 pilotes en 2015 (Aucun abandon en 4 ans)

-Raid moto en autonomie Morvan – Auvergne en 2013

-Rando moto Maroc 2015 – 2500 kms.

Le cyclisme

-Sportif de haut niveau au sein du pôle espoir BOURGOGNE de 1999 à 2004

-6 participations aux championnats de France de cyclo-cross

-5 titres de champion de bourgogne de Cyclo-cross et VTT

Finisher de Paris Roubaix Challenge – tour des Flandres et Liege Bastogne Liege (épreuves de 200kms)

Trails :

Finisher Strongman Run (course à obstacles) en 2012 et 2013

Alésia trail 2012-2013-2014

Trail nocturne de semur 2015

Roller en ligne

Participation à la coupe de France de Roller Marathon en 2005 et 2006

Finisher des 24heures du mans roller 2003 et 2004


A sportswoman at heart, it was through cycling that she came to competition and meeting Frédéric, as part of their studies.

Cycling has been passed down from father to daughter in the SIMONOT family. First FFC licence at the age of 10. From the age of 12, my first victories and even ahead of the boys! I finished 2nd in the French championship, FFC Cadet category in Apremont, which opened the door to high level sport, with my entry in 1996, to the Cycling Hope Centre at the Dijon Bourgogne CREPS. I stayed there until 2004. I was selected for several French teams, but my junior years were difficult with several falls. I also ride Cyclo cross in the winter with some French cup races. My best rankings allow me to be in the top 15 in France in this discipline. I also practice Track, with Pursuit as my favourite discipline. Later, in the Espoir and Seniors categories, I took part in stage races such as the Tour de la Drôme, or in the Ardèche. I met Frédéric at the CREPS in 1998, who was also there, and our passion for sport and cycling linked us together. I stopped competing in 2005 in order to continue my studies in Lyon and then enter the workforce. Cloé arrived in 2007 :)The common challenges already started at that time, a DIJON-TOULON in 1 week (800KM) summer 2003 (summer of the heat wave), in tandem VTT with Fred. I recently participated in the Roc D’AZUR, a 54km mountain bike race.

As soon as we met Fred told me about his moments on the N6 road at the edge of Nevers to see the DAKAR vehicles, the models blooming at home of small old vehicles…Then came the January appointment in the diary where we made a date in front of the TV to see these machines evolve. I accompanied him in the first enduros all over France, then came the discovery of Morocco with our friends Jean-Philippe&Mathilde, Charles and Amélie. 3 stays of 15 days on the spot: Fred in motorbike and me in 4×4. Trigger to go further. The first project is being prepared: the Morocco rally: I help, I participate, I also go there to immerse myself in the heart of this environment, the Rally-Raid.

To leave with 2 ?
is to finally share this environment with two people and to invest fully in it. The fact that I followed the rally in 2020 and accompanied it throughout the event really generated a lot of positive vibes and the desire to go further. it’s really an extraordinary event. And then little by little I started to follow the competitors via social networks, to take an interest in them, their preparation and their challenges… I also believe that after more than 20 years of life together, we wanted to share a new project together now that our children are older.