06.01.2023 6th Stage Ha’il > Riyad

Initially, this stage was to reach the bivouac of Al Duwadimi. But it was without counting on the rain of the last days which, even if it calmed down on the courses taken by the competitors, continued to fall in other sectors, including Al Duwadimi, making the ground impracticable to accommodate the whole bivouac. The organization decided to maintain the special stage, modifying it at the margin and then sending everyone to the Bivouac of Riyadh. A global stage of almost 1000 kms…

Departure in the cold at 5am! There is even frost on the Buggy. The sun is shining but the temperatures are really low. So much so that they decided to take a blanket with them to limit the feeling of cold.

A stop in a gas station, another one on the side of the road to move, to warm up as they can.

Finally comes the departure of the special, they left for 160 kms of race, 2 tests of regularity which went well, the blow is now taken.


They finished in 42nd place, they are staying the course!


Then comes a very very long connection… almost 6 hours of driving, with a really difficult end. The fatigue of the day (and of the last days, we are already at 6 days of race) and the traffic jams of Riyadh are exhausting. They will make a gas stop, and a KFC stop on the way.

Many competitors including Fred & Mag also got lost and they reached the Bivouac around 8:30 pm. Nothing is better than their arrival interview to understand! (All the other videos are on the website!)

Shower, meal around 10 pm and then, check of the vehicle for the mechanical part, preparation of the stuff for the marathon stage… The bedtime will be done under the rain again, and at nearly 2 am.

The good news is that Sébastien Souday (quad) proposed them to sleep in a roof tent for the night. So they are not on the wet ground, and above all, their tent is already attached to the buggy for the next day, it’s always that less to prepare at the jump of the sleeping bag!

janvier 7, 2023

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