The restoration

The Buggy entered the Barlerin family in 2021, some time after the end of the 2021 Dakar.

Kid’s dream of Frederic, turned into a project with Magali, the little Strakit ended up taking an important place in the everyday life of our 2 drivers. This article will allow you, in a few photos and information to understand how nearly 3,000 hours of work were necessary to be able to present this iconic vehicle on the starting line of the Dakar 2023…

As the story of the Buggy tells you, after the 1983 Dakar, it was stored and then sold without being touched, until it arrived in a room specially rented for it in the small village of Bussy le Grand in Côte d’Or.

Frédéric’s enthusiasm gradually gave way to reality. The 4-wheel mechanics are not the same as the 2-wheel ones and especially, quite different. Especially since the Strakit is a prototype… This is without counting the resourcefulness and the nerve (it must be said!) of our pilot… who ended up surrounding himself with a small team of passionate and exciting mechanics.

In addition to these professionals, Frédéric and Magali’s fathers (Gilles and Jean- Luc) who also had knowledge to implement on this project.

Many skills were thus made available to Fred & Mag: mechanical, electrical, welding, painting, computer… but also all the engineering needed to complete a restoration. It was difficult in November 2021 to realize that despite all the efforts, the departure could not be taken in January 2022. There followed some complicated moments for Frederic. Was it the right choice? The right project?

Well surrounded, especially by his wife, children, family and friends, motivation returned.

Reboosted, the team goes back to work, during the day for those who do not work, then in the evenings after work, on weekends…. Until the day before the Buggy left for Castellet, the tools were in action around the vehicle.

And we must not forget the search for sponsors and finances, the initial budget being revised upwards because of the « surprises » of such a restoration.

The very close team is composed of Fabrice, designer and manufacturer of extreme Crawler buggy and Eric, former preparer and driver (national title) of 2CV rallye cross, mechanic by profession. And Gilles and Jean-Luc, the 2 fathers.

As well as all those who helped for the whole restoration part! Jean-Philippe, Denis, David, Franck, Sylvie, Guillaume, Léonardo, Antoine… The children, Axel and Cloé… and all the others !

What if we made a recap with some essential information? No doubt that after the Dakar we will take the time to develop even more the different stages of this big restoration.

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