02.01.2023 2nd Stage Yunbu >Alula

Let’s go for a 541 KMS stage: 323 liaison and 218 special.

It was a very nice and complete stage, with everything that a desert lover would like to have on the menu of his day: stony, sandy tracks passing through big valleys.

Fred and Mag also decided to pass one of the Dune Tests, and the Buggy successfully passed it while other vehicles were gardening there.


The follow-up of the Classic is really difficult, we feel that it is really a race in parallel of the Dakar. The network is also very bad tonight, so we have only little information about the day of our couple.

They could tell us that the PRV engine is working really well, but they also have to take care of the Buggy which is suffering during the stages.

Magali has found her own rhythm in the evening, and during the day she’s getting the hang of navigation… except when she starts her stopwatch 30 seconds too late! Oops!

But without any real consequence, because as they say, their objective is not the ranking, but to reach the end of this rally.

However, we have to admit that they are not doing badly at all… 48th out of 87 vehicles and 4th out of 12 for the « no instruments » ranking.

The fatigue is important, because contrary to what one could think, it is not more restful than on a motorcycle and they are seriously shaken in the dunes. And the nights on the bivouac are not always restful, with the noise of the mechanics and a husband who comes to bed very late…

Then, as every evening, a massage by the team of the organization if the weather allows it, a meal, mechanics and rest…

Although… a surprise seems to be prepared, on-board cameras have been installed… But we will only know tomorrow what it means!

janvier 2, 2023

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