04.01.2023 4th stage Ha’il >Ha’il (EN)

After the torrential rain of the day before, Fred and Mag left in the cold, but without rain. They will be happy to find the sun during the special stage, which will be very good for their morale! They find some tricks to limit the cold on their feet thanks to various bags.

They now have a good understanding of how regularity events work and they are starting to take to the competition and the pleasure of the challenge.


They always go easy on the strakit, although sometimes they also push it to see how far it can go.

Today’s stage is full of beautiful landscapes, Fred and Mag can finally enjoy it without the hassle of the rain!

Tonight, they take the time to do a Facebook live for their subscribers to explain the mechanical part of such an event and show their daily life. You can find it here : (in French)

janvier 4, 2023

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