11.01.2023 10th Stage : Haradh > Haradh Marathon

Finally a stage without almost any connection… and the beginning of the navigation in the fine sand of the desert!

photo FOTO¨P

1re partie de cette nouvelle étape marathon, qui se veut proche des longues étapes que pouvaient réaliser les concurrents des premiers Dakar. Elle sera (ainsi que celle de demain) en totale autonomie : personne ne peut transporter d’affaires, ni même les affaires de couchage. Voici donc le Buggy en mode Tortue, comme il pouvait le faire en 1982 lors de son 1er Dakar.

A very beautiful stage, with sand as far as the eye can see, a great sun and good sailing. Even if our co-pilot made some mistakes, like turning off the stopwatch by mistake, skipping a box on the road book, or a change of course not planned. Not the day of Mag even if they take these adventures with a smile!

A coolant hose to be repaired in the middle of the desert, seen in time so no consequences. It was easy to access so no time wasted.

The buggy behaves wonderfully in the sand, which was a question mark when we brought it on board.

Fred compares these beautiful tracks to the ones he knew in Mauritania

At the end of the special stage, Fred’s back is fine thanks to the handling and both of them feel very good physically.

A lot of wind and cold tonight at the bivouac, which is composed of Berber tents as a common dormitory. Only the classic pilots are on this bivouac, which gives a very particular and pleasant atmosphere, giving like a moment out of time in the middle of the competition!

janvier 12, 2023

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