12.01.2023 11th Stage : Haradh Marathon > Shaybah

No map of the stage, the internet communications being bad, we did not receive it.

The stage of the day will consist of 509kms, including 323 of special, composed of 2 regularities and 2 regularities.

The night in the Berber bivouac went very well, they were able to rest, even if waking up at dawn became more complicated. But once installed in the Buggy, it is gone!


The day is going to be full of sun and with 20 to 25 degrees which is very pleasant.

A 100% sand stage! 400 kms without seeing anyone, in a desert scenery which gave them a lot of pleasure!

And the 1st sand trap of the Buggy. There was no need to use the plates, because the Belgians of the 4×4 743 helped them to get out of this bad situation.

Their 2 « race facts of the day »: they felt so good in the first regularity, to the point of catching up and overtaking several participants in the H2 category, that they clocked in at the checkpoint… 14 minutes earlier, which caused them a few penalty points.

On the other hand, in the last navigation, they decided to listen to their instincts to follow a different course than the one indicated, and well done them. Even though they got stuck in the sand, they were the 4th car to find the right checkpoint, which was right where they had decided to go!

And to have in front of you only the traces of the openers, it is a lot of emotions!


Arrived at the bivouac, they still have little network, so… they make us a small video, available on the link below:


janvier 14, 2023

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