08.01.2023 8th Stage Al Duwadimi > Riyad

Despite a good night in good conditions, it was difficult for Frédéric and Magali to get into it. Fred arrived late for breakfast and almost poked the eye out of a top pilot with his bottle of orange juice when he threw it away. This one ended up bouncing on a tray, Mickaël Jordan style, to end up in the garbage can. And the tray in question was held by Sebastien Loeb!

By inattention they made a detour of 15 kms on the morning link… It is time for the rest day to arrive. This delay will not have any consequence on their departure, they will arrive 5 minutes in advance at the check-in.

photo FOTOP

Once on the starting line of the special, they instinctively went into race mode! The 1st regularity was difficult, the relief, respecting the times. This is felt on their point of passage, which is less good than the last stages. The 2nd and 3rd parts of regularity they go very well, with in more superb landscapes. The 4th and last of the day was rather trapped, they saw a number of competitors stop, they took the choice to drive quietly not to damage the Buggy. The end of this RT was very beautiful, sandy and hilly, the terrain that Fred and Mag like the most.

Once the special stage is over, Fred takes a nap, just like he used to do on a motorcycle, while Magali checks the tire pressure.

Still 250 kms of liaison to do, it’s been long especially since it’s back to Riyadh with its difficult traffic and its lack of road indications.

Tonight, recovery of the stuff used during the Marathon, a first mechanical check on the Buggy and tomorrow, it’s rest… If only on a Dakar we could find the time to rest!

janvier 8, 2023

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